Kemi bioproduct mill started up – Nakkila Works


Kemi bioproduct mill started up

Metsä Group´s new bioproduct mill in Kemi started up today on 20th September 2023. Kemi mill is the largest investment in Finland´s history of pulp and paper industry. Besides pulp, the mill produces tall oil and turpentine, as well as two terawatt hours of renewable electricity per year in a very environmentally friendly manner. Metsä Group’s products replace fossil materials in people’s daily lives. The new mill uses zero fossil fuels and will be completely waste-free by 2030.

Nakkila Works Oy was happily involved in building the new mill. We delivered the project 26pcs of storage and process tanks during the years 2022-23. Delivered tanks varied from 1m3 to over 2000m3 in size. Part of the tanks were ready-built at our workshop in Nakkila and the larger ones were built at Kemi site. All our tanks were handed over to customer on schedule.

Read more about the new cutting-edge mill at Metsä Group website here.

Picture: Metsä Group