Tanks, process equipment and pressure vessels

When it comes to purchasing a new tank, process equipment or pressure vessel, we are capable of providing our clients with a wide range of solutions: We can assist with budgeting, optimizing technical and structural solutions, and comparing alternatives. We will be able to offer you a comprehensive delivery that is tailored to your needs, including design, manufacture, approval and inspections by the competent authorities, transport, installation, insulation, surface treatment, platforms and walkways, rubberization, piping, instruments and equipment, heating and cooling systems, etc.

We also manufacture light oil tanks and heavy oil tanks for the needs of the energy industry. If necessary, we manufacture these containers as double-shell containers.

Nakkila Works Oy offers your investment project the following advantages:

  • Support in the design and budgeting stage facilitates the success of your project as well as reduces overall cost.
  • A scope of delivery tailored to the project in question and the option of turnkey deliveries make buying easier, while eliminating surprises in the delivery process.
  • A designated project manager facilitates communication during the project, while ensuring that the project is carried out successfully and goals are attained.
  • Our professional design, our own workshop and our efficient partner network guarantee efficiency, expedition, delivery security and high quality.
  • Collaboration during the project and post-project feedback provide us with valuable information with regard to future projects.

Whether your project is a new investment, a repair project or still in the profitability calculation stage, we are at your service!