Nakkila Works Oy to act as supplier in Boliden Harjavalta’s sulphuric acid plant investments

Nakkila Works Oy will supply a converter with a diameter of 11m and a height of 30,5m for processing sulphuric gases at Boliden Harjavalta’s new sulphuric acid plant. The converter consists of several intermediate plates and heat exchangers.  The material is austenitic steel, which can withstand high temperatures.

Gas ducts that will run between process devices will also be supplied for the same project. There are approximately 700m of gas ducts in total. The ducts will be manufactured and inspected according to the Chemicals Act and Pressurised Equipment Act.

Nakkila Works Oy has extensive experience in supplying process devices and gas ducts.

The delivery will be primarily installed during 2017. Connections to the process will take place in spring 2018.