Nakkila Works supplies water tanks to Kotkan Energia

Nakkila Works Oy and Kotkan Energia Oy have signed an agreement for a delivery of two tanks for Kotkan Energia power plant’s new water treatment plant in Hovisaari. The agreement consists of a 150m3 reserve water tank and a 220m3 raw water tank for their water treatment plant project. Design work has started immediately and the tanks will be delivered to the customer during autumn, 2018.

We provide a turnkey delivery including design, manufacture and installation. The tanks are delivered to the installation site as insulated in advance, which speeds up and eases work and significantly reduces the safety risks at the power plant’s construction site.

Nakkila Works Oy has a long experience and extensive references from corresponding water, oil and process tank projects to the energy industry. Together with our skilled personnel and subcontracting network we are able to offer our customers qualitative, on delivery and cost competitive solutions.