A new lubricant plant in Haninge, Sweden

Fuchs Lubricants Sweden AB is building a new lubricant plant in Haninge, Sweden. Nakkila Works Oy was selected as a contractor for tanks and other equipments including site installations. Besides of buying only new tanks, they wanted to make use for the used tanks from the old factory. This was found to be an effective  way of reducing the total investment cost and saving resources. In other words, with expanding the lifecycle of experienced process equipment we can attribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of our clients.

This tankfarm project had it all: turn-key delivery of new equipments, reinstallations and modification of old equipments, and installations of 3rd party equipments. With our inhouse resources and experienced project management, all this was done in a customer friendly and cost efficient way as a one-stop shop service concept.

Not totally finished here yet, but already we are proud to be involved. Special thanks to the Fuchs Lubricants Sweden AB staff for fluent cooperation.

New plant site before and after