Significant delivery agreement to Trondheim, Norway

Nakkila Works Oy has made an agreement concerning the delivery of a district heating accumulator with norwegian energy company Statkraft AS.

The turnkey agreement will strengthen Nakkila Works Oy’s position on the Norwegian process equipment markets.

Nakkila Works Oy’s previous experience with district heating accumulators played a significant role in the dimensioning of the district heating accumulator’s performance capacity and in submitting a competitive bid.

The agreement includes the process and mechanical design, materials, premanufacturing and installation of a more than 200 megawatt-hour, guaranteed storage capacity district heating accumulator. As such the accumulator’s instrumentation, walkway products and insulation are all included in the delivery. The accumulator itself is over 15 metres in diameter and stands at over 30 metres tall.

The norwegian district heating network and the customer’s initial figures were a challenging combination – this district heating accumulator is classified as a pressure vessel and will be manufactured in accordance with pressure vessel norms and standards. Recent experience with an equivalent application was useful when dimensioning the over 200 megawatt-hour accumulator with guaranteed energy storage capacity.

“This order is a significant and natural continuation of the excellent performance of an equivalent device we recently delivered. The space restrictions, typical to norwegian deliveries, added a little spice to the project, but we also have the know-how to deal with such challenges. The project was confirmed in late summer and planning is currently well under way.  We will begin site work on the customer’s premises this year, with the handover of the district heating accumulator due in autumn 2017 after lengthy tests to measure performance capacity,” says Nakkila Works Oy Project Manager Vesa Kivioja.